Moving Home

So in order to get back into the spirit of blogging, I’ve decided to move homes to a self-hosted WordPress site.  To keep up to date with my latest posts, head over to I hope to see you there – until then, happy blogging!

Defining Happiness

So I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately – what makes me happy?  The thing is, I know all too well what makes others happy, in particular, what would make my mum happy. When I started this blog, it was a means for me to express my experiences and thoughts on the road to marriage. … More Defining Happiness

Why Hello 2017

First off – Happy New Year. Secondly, it seems I can’t be without a personal blog. It’s really hit me that there are different types of writing which give me different forms of satisfaction. And for me a personal blog is cathartic form of writing. It’s strange because I don’t get the same satisfaction from a diary? … More Why Hello 2017